My focus is the art of photo-retouch. Whether a photo needs simple cleaning up, a complete overhaul or anything in between, I have the ability and experience to make it happen.

While many claim to “know” Photoshop, I have over 25 years of experience to prove it! I was hired the day I received my degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Since then I have enjoyed many years as a graphic designer. Each job, whether full-time or freelance brought it’s own set of challenges that I was eager to overcome. My favorite part of any job has always been working with photos. So I went with it. I began taking additional Photoshop courses, attending Photoshop seminars and conferences. Over the years the knowledge and experience culminated in more freelance than I could handle so I struck out on my own. 

I have since found that there is much to be said for a paycheck. The business of business is not my forte. I would like to work for a company that takes on the mantle of customer relations and allows me to focus on producing quality work. Budget and deadlines are always part of the package and I excel at both!
In addition I paint fine art acrylics under the name Racy Retro Art.

– Bill Barrios
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